Lyceum English 1

Lyceum English 1

For many of you, this has been a time to reflect upon life and nature, to watch the leaves slowly unfolding, the flowers blossoming, taking time to live slowly. I subscribe to a blog called brainpickings which brings to life the thoughts of authors, artists, and scientists both past and present. Below you will find a short article about Mary Shelley’s impressions on her journey through the snowy mountains of the Jura on her way to Switzerland in 1816. She spent several weeks in Geneva with her husband Percy Shelley, Lord Byron and her half-sister, Claire. Upon arriving in Geneva and finding fine weather, the scent of flowers and the chirp of grasshoppers, she wrote that she felt « as happy as a new-fledged bird. » I hope that you will also find pleasure in the sounds, scents and sights of nature this spring, enjoying the slower pace of life. The excerpts below are from letters Mary Shelley wrote ; how often do people today take time to write such beautiful, thoughtful letters ?

Mary Shelley


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